Developer. Designer.
Mediocre at Overwatch.

I am a programmer/coder/nerd with a past life in graphic design and advertising. I also love photography and films. And my PC gaming skills plateaued long ago... Let's collaborate!


As a recent graduate of a full-stack web development bootcamp, I've had the opportunity of building projects with a varied tech stack. I believe my love for learning and solving puzzles drives my success in coding and my experience in design and advertising informs the polish needed for a quality product.

Raindrop Shop

An e-commerce platform that was my first project that utilized a non-relational database. Built with JavaScript, Handlebars, jQuery, Express.js, MongoDB, and Stripe.

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Wait But Why

A microblogging and social media platform where users share about key events in their lives while examining why the events happened in the first place. Built with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.

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Life Soundtrack

My first full-stack project! #specialplaceinmyheart A journaling web app based around a user's evolving musical taste. Built with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL.

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A Tic-Tac-Toe web app where users can play the classic game with a friend on a single device. This was my first ever web app, built with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and jQuery.

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All you'll need to know about me

I grew up in suburban Georgia and studied design in Chicago, Illinois. I'm an ENFP and I enjoy photography, pretending to be a film critic, rock climbing, urban exploring, and the occasional ketogenic diet. #basicmillennial

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